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Our Vision

The Altar Music is a family of worship leaders, songwriters, and storytellers that Yahweh has brought together at The Altar Fellowship in the hills of East Tennessee. In this place we call home, Jesus is teaching us to discover and release the unique sound of Kingdom family that resonates here in the Appalachian heartland. 


The Pathfinder Institute is a one-year advanced study program focused on developing, sending, and supporting the next generation of dynamic church-planters. We hand-select five families from among our pool of applicants to receive two semesters of biblical instruction, leadership training, administrative experience, and holistic support. Upon completion, they  move to their city of interest to begin the beautiful pioneering work of pastoral ministry.


Founded by Pastor Mattie and NFL quarterback Derek Carr, The Altar Men’s Conference is an event that gathers thousands of men from all over the nation for a weekend of dynamic worship, life-changing messages, and fellowship. Our prayer and expectation have been that impact of The Altar Men’s Conference will translate into marriages restored, women championed, children saved, and communities healed. We believe that, as American men answer the radical call to Biblical manhood, we will, in doing so, forge a brighter future for our children, for our nation, and for our world.

2022-04-08 Altar Conference-02.jpg

In 2022, Pastor Nate and Amber Lobdell along with their 3 children answered the call of the Lord to begin their new endeavor as the Senior leaders of The Table Fellowship in Upland, California. As Yahweh continues to establish family & worship in the SoCal area, we are believing for revival in the heart of His people. Across the region, the nation(s), and for generations to come.

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