The Altar Students exist to continue building the foundation of family & worship among the next generation in our church. We believe that as our students are poured into, equipped, and led into an intimate relationship with Yahweh; that they will also have the opportunity to pour out into their communities. Taking the gospel with them everywhere they go, and presenting it boldly to the world around them. 



The Altar Students weekly gathering is for 6th-12th graders, and takes place on Sunday nights from 6:00-8:00pm starting January 9th. 


Nate and Amber Lobdell, with their three children, moved to Johnson City in October of 2020 from their hometown of Richmond, Virginia. There, they previously served as pastors of an evangelistic church ministry, while also serving for many years in middle, high school, and college aged student ministries. Nate & Amber burn with passion when it comes to ushering in Yahweh’s presence among the next generation. It is their hearts cry to equip & lead our student community into a deeper revelation of their relationship with Jesus. To see them filled with and daily led by the power of the Holy Spirit. Teaching young men and women to diligently pursue the Lord in private & among a family of fellow students, so that their faith can boldly be made public in every aspect of their communities.

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