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The Altar Students exist to continue building the foundation of family & worship among the next generation in our church. We believe that as our students are poured into, equipped, and led into an intimate relationship with Yahweh; that they will also have the opportunity to pour out into their communities. Taking the gospel with them everywhere they go, and presenting it boldly to the world around them. 



The Altar Students weekly gathering is for 6th-12th graders, and takes place on Wednesday nights from 6:00-8:00pm. 


Seth and Kristen Patterson with their two children, moved to Johnson City in October of 2021 from their hometown of Port Charlotte, Florida. They received a word to step away from youth ministry of six years and pursue the family at the altar fellowship. Seth & Kristen Have always had a desire to see the next generation know and pursue the Lord on a personal level. It's their hearts that through devotion and family, that students will find their voices and establish the gifts that the Lord has instilled in every single one of them.


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