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The Altar Missions

The Altar Missions exists to both equip and send our body of believers to reach the lost. We believe that Yahweh’s plan is for ALL to know Jesus (2 Peter 3:9) and receive Salvation through Him, and we take to heart the call of Jesus in Matthew 28 is to go and make disciples in ALL nations. We host quarterly Global Vision Nights, where we gather to grow in awareness, passion, and hope in relation to the least reached and poorest places on the earth. We also tune our ears to Yahweh's heart for the nations as we seek to send two Global Missions Trips per year.


For questions or more info, email Pastor David:


This November The Altar Fellowship will be traveling to Chang Mai, Thailand, to minister to the buddhist world! Thailand is considered

an unreached people group with just 1% of the 72 Million people professing faith in Jesus, and 95% Buddhist.


We are partnering with Joel & Kelly Lillie, missionaries who have been serving in Thailand for over 30-years. Their ministry, “Koala Love” exists to save lives & change hearts. They do that by distributing motorcycle helmets, as motorcycle accidents are the #1 cause of death in young men and represent over 75% of road fatalities. They also change hearts by distributing Bibles in Thai and doing outreach in cities, villages, and schools, partnering with the local church.

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Donate towards 2023 Thailand Trip

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Where We've Been:


Nanki, Ecuador; 
Jungle to Jungle

Partnering with the church in Ibarra, Ecuador we were able to deliver Audio Bibles to a remote tribe in the Amazon, rebuild a school, and provide necessary supplies like medicine, food, and clothing. Many were saved, baptized, and healed!

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Ibarra, Ecuador; Build and Reach Trip

We were able to raise over $16,000 to build the Pastor’s a home for their family. We also spent a week of Outreach where we saw the lost meet Jesus, the sick healed, and the hungry fed. Culminating in a conference for pastors and leaders and a night of miracles for the community.


Ibarra, Ecuador; 
Rebuilding the Ruins

After a torrential monsoon destroyed the children’s classrooms and bathrooms at our brother’s church we felt called to act. 18 joy-filled people rebuild the classrooms, bathrooms, and beautified the church for the glory of Jesus! 

Photo Nov 21, 4 42 12 PM.jpg

Global Vision Nights

A quarterly missions event where we will grow in awareness, passion, and hope in relation to the least reached and poorest places on the earth. Come to learn, come to grow, come to partner. No registration is required and we hope to see you there!

Finding Joy in the Midst of Pain

Pastor David was able to interview Jim & Lynn Saint (nephew of Nate Saint) on video yesterday and it is a beautiful and powerful story of finding Joy in the midst of great loss and sorrow.

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