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About Our Church

" To succeed in family and thrive in worship for the glory of God and the healing of the nations"

At The Altar Fellowship, our mission is to build a community of passionate people, captivated by the beauty of Jesus, and alive to make Him known in all things. As we work hard to impact our nation and our world, we recognize that we cannot have all God designed for us if we do not have community.  To that end, at The Altar Fellowship, our mandate is simple:  To succeed in family, and to thrive in worship.  If we can do these two things well, everything else will follow.

Established by world-renowned evangelist Mattie Montgomery and his wife Candice, and located in the beautiful mountains of Johnson City, Tennessee, The Altar Fellowship exists as both a refuge for the weary to come rest in God’s presence, and a training ground for the passionate to be sharpened and launched into the glory of their calling.

We are a non-denominational, spirit-filled church that believes each person has a unique purpose, perspective, and power that can be brought to bear to glorify Jesus and to advance His Kingdom.  At The Altar, we are committed to helping you discover that power, and to walk in all the righteousness, peace, and joy Christ died for you to have.

Historical Timeline

Here's a brief look at The Altar Fellowship over the years:


Gather the Family

Pastor Mattie and Miss Candice begin the Altar Fellowship in their home in Johnson City, TN



The Altar Fellowship officially opened their doors in downtown Johnson City. Even throughout COVID, the church grew with people moving to the TriCities from all over the country.



After outgrowing their facility, The Altar Fellowship purchased their new church home in Johnson City; putting down roots to establish and advance the kingdom.

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