Starting June 4
Wednesdays 6:45-8:30pm

A mid-week 'rev-up' of great teaching, fun, snacks and fellowship.

YOUTH - ‘Where’s the PARTY at?’ It's summer and the youth are on the move! Each week is a new theme; check the youth calendar for details.


Take the 'COME & GET iT' Challenge and commit to making at least one recipe per week until you’ve tried them all. How fun is that? To help you remember each week, and not slack off, give your cooking day a name like ‘Slap it in the Pan’ Sundays or ‘Whip it Up’ Wednesdays. Invite friends to take the Challenge with you.

As you test and taste the recipes in this book, email us with your favorites at contact@thealtar.org. Share a crazy story or a few photos of your cooking adventure and we’ll post it on the church website. Bon appétit!


Visit us at our NEW location! 145 N. Clovis @ Palo Alto Ave.

Just south of Herndon Ave., next to Fresno County Federal Credit Union. Sundays at 10:30am.

See our location on a map.